Youth Competitions

WCh U18 2014 Macedonia


Romania – Germany full

WCh U20 2014 Qualification Europe

Group 1

Norway – Czech Republic full

Czech Republic – Turkey full

Israel – Norway full

Czech Republic – Israel full

Turkey – Israel full

Group 5

Austria – Sweden full

Austria – Italy full

Italy – Sweden full

2013 Women’s European Championship U17 – Poland

Full matches

Poland – Spain 1st 2nd

Spain – Portugal 1st 2nd

Spain – Romania 1st 2nd

2013 Women’s European Championship U19 – Denmark


Russia – Hungary full or youtube

Bronze medal 

Denmark – Norway full


Denmark – Russia full or youtube

Hungary – Norway full or youtube

Placement matches 5-8

Romania – Sweden full

11th place

Spain – Slovenia full

Kolding matches

Sonderborg matches

Russia highlights

Spain – Austria full

Spain – Czech Rep full

Spain – Croatia full

Spain – Slovenia full

Slovenia – Hungary full

Spain – Sweden 1st 2nd

Hungary – Spain 1st 2nd

2013 Women’s European Youth Olympic Festival U17


Denmark –Russia highlights

Bronze medal

Germany – Netherlands highlights goals


Russia – Netherlands highlights

Group A

Netherlands – Norway highlights

Germany –Norway highlights

Netherlands – Czech Rep. highlights

Group B

Sweden – Hungary highlights

Sweden – Denmark highlights

Hungary –Russia highlights

Russia – Sweden highlights  

2013 Women’s European Championship U17 – Qualification

Group 2

Romania – Turkey full

Czech Rep. – Azerbaijan full

Azerbaijan – Romania full

Turkey – Czech Rep. full

Romania – Czech Rep. full

Turkey – Azerbaijan full

Group 6

Hungary – Portugal full

2012 Georges Iltis Tournament U18


France – Romania full

2012 Women’s World Championship U18 – Montenegro


Denmark – Russia youtube

Russia playlist

Denmark playlist

2012 Women’s World Championship U20 – Czech Rep.



Group A

Serbia – Spain highlights

Denmark – China 2nd

Denmark – Uruguay 2nd

Denmark – Hungary 2nd

Hungary – Spain full or highlights

Denmark – Spain highlights

Serbia – Hungary highlights or here

Group B

Sweden – Argentina highlights

Argentina – Czech Rep. highlights

Argentina – Congo highlights

South Korea – Sweden – highlights

Group C

France – Russia full

France – Poland full

Group D

Netherlands – Brazil highlights

Brazil – Norway highlights

Croatia – Norway highlights

Brazil – Romania highlights

Romania – Norway highlights

Norway – Netherlands highlights

Croatia – Netherlands highlights

2012 Women’s World Championship U20 – Qualification Europe

Group 6 matches
Great Britain

2012 Prague Handball Cup


2011 U17 European Handball Championship



2011 U19 European Handball Championship


Netherlands – Denmark 2nd


Denmark – Austria 1st

Group M2

Denmark – Sweden part

Denmark – Serbia part

Group C

Denmark – Hungary part

Denmark – Poland part

Denmark – Croatia part

2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympics

Denmark – Russia final minutes


2010 U19 World Championship



2009 U17 European Handball Championship Q

Netherlands – Croatia part1 part2


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