World Championships

2013 World Women’s Handball Championship  Serbia


Brazil – Serbia 1st 2nd award or full or direct dl

Bronze medal match

Denmark – Poland 2nd or full or direct  dl


Brazil – Denmark 1st 2nd or full or direct dl

Poland – Serbia full or direct dl


Brazil –Hungary full or highlights or full 

Norway – Serbia full or 1st 2nd or full

France – Poland full or highlights or direct  dl

Denmark – Germany full


Hungary – Spain full or full or full or full

Denmark – Montenegro 1st 2nd or full or full or 1st 2nd

Norway – Czech Republic 1st 2nd 3rd

Romania – Poland full or full

Germany – Angola full

Group A

Montenegro – South Korea full

South Korea – Netherlands full or 1st 2nd

Netherlands – France full or full

Montenegro – France full

Netherlands – Congo full


Group B

Serbia – Japan full or full

Algeria – Serbia full

Japan – Denmark full or full

Brazil – Serbia 1st 2nd or full

Brazil – Japan full

Denmark – Algeria full

Serbia – Denmark full

Serbia – Algeria full


Group C

Norway – Spain 1st 2nd or full or 1st 2nd 3rd or full or full

Norway –Argentina 1st 2nd 3rd

Norway –Paraguay 1st 2nd 3rd

Norway – Angola 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Norway – Poland 1st 2nd 3rd or 1st 2nd

Spain – Poland 1st 2nd or full or full

Spain – Argentina 1st 2nd or full or full

Spain – Paraguay 1st 2nd or full or full

Spain – Angola 1st 2nd or full or full


Group D

Germany – Australia full

Hungary – Czech Republic full

Romania – Tunisia full

Romania – Australia full or full

Hungary – Czech Republic 1st (1234) 2nd (1234) or 1st (1234) 2nd (1234)

Czech Republic – Germany full

Hungary – Tunisia full or 1st 2nd or 1st (123) 2nd(123) or full

Hungary – Australia full or 1234

Romania – Germany full or full

Romania – Hungary full or 1st 2nd or 2nd or full

Romania – Czech Republic full or full

Hungary – Germany full or full or full

Czech Republic – Tunisia full

Tunisia – Australia full

Germany – Tunisia full


2013 Women’s World Championship play-off

Sweden – Poland highlights or here

Netherlands – Russia full or highlights or montage

Spain – Macedonia full or 1st 2nd

Romania – Slovakia last 20min or highlights

WCh 2013 Qualification Europe

Belarus – Lithuania youtube

Poland – Belarus youtube

Italy – Belarus youtube

Italy – Lithuania youtube

2011 World Women’s Handball Championship Brazil

Many thanks to all the people that have taken their time to upload these, to balonfemme for making them available on youtube and to all those users of the forum who have collected and provided all the links.

All-star team / other


Norway – France youtube or full or highlights or dl

Third place match

Spain – Denmark youtube 1st 2nd or full or highlights


France – Denmark youtube or full

Norway – Spain youtube or full or dl

5th – 8th Semi-finals

Croatia – Brazil youtube or highlights


Russia – France youtube or highlights

Angola – Denmark youtube or highlights

Spain – Brazil youtube 1st 2nd or full or highlights

Norway – Croatia highlights or dl

Round of 16

Sweden – France youtube

Japan – Denmark youtube or full or full

Spain – Montenegro youtube 1st 2nd or full

Ivory Coast – Brazil youtube or highlights

South Korea – Angola highlights

Romania – Croatia highlights

Group A

Norway – Germany youtube or highlights or dl

Germany – Montenegro youtube 1st 2nd or youtube full or highlights

Norway – Iceland youtube 1st 2nd

Montenegro – Norway youtube

Norway – Angola dl

Montenegro – China youtube

Montenegro – Angola youtube

Group B

Russia – South Korea full

Netherlands – Spain youtube or full

Spain – Russia youtube or full

South Korea – Spain youtube 1st 2nd or part

Netherlands – Russia full or highlights

Spain – Kazakhstan youtube 1st 2nd or full

Spain – Australia youtube 1st 2nd or full

Group C

Romania – Tunisia youtube 1st 2nd or highlights

Cuba – Romania youtube 1st 2nd

Japan – Tunisia highlights

Tunisia – France youtube 1st

Romania – Japan youtube 1st 2nd last2min or full

France – Brazil full or highlights

Brazil – Romania youtube 1st 2nd or highlights

France – Romania youtube

Brazil – Tunisia youtube 2nd or highlights

Group D

Denmark – Uruguay youtube

Argentina – Denmark youtube

Uruguay – Croatia youtube

Denmark – Croatia youtube

Denmark – Ivory Coast youtube

Sweden – Denmark youtube

2011 Women’s World Championship play-off

Ukraine – Iceland 1st match 2nd match

Germany – Hungary 1st match 1+2 ; 2nd match 1+2

Poland – Denmark 1st match 1, 2, 3, 4 ; 2nd match 1+2

Spain – Macedonia 1st match 1+2; 2nd match 1+2

Montenegro – Czech Republic 1st match2nd match youtube

China 2009


Russia montage or montage2

France 2007





All-star team

Russia 2005


Final highlights

Croatia 2003

France – Hungary videos

Serbia & Montenegro – Croatia full


Italy 2001

Russia – Norway & Russia – Denmark highlights

Denmark/Norway 1999


Norway – France clip

South Korea 1990


Soviet Union – Yugoslavia full


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