National and Regional Leagues 2013/2014

Russian Superleague

Day 1

Luch – University Izhevsk full

Lada – Rostov Don full

Astrakhanochka – Zvezda full

Day 2

Kuban – Lada full

University Izh – Astrakhanochka full

Dinamo – Luch full

Day 3

Lada – Zvezda full

Day 4

Dinamo – AGU-Adyif full

Kuban – Luch part part

Day 5

University Izh – Dinamo full

Astrakhanochka – Kuban full


Zvezda – Dinamo full , full, full

Lada – Rostov Don full, full


Dinamo – Lada 1st match 2nd match 3rd match 4th match 5th match

Rostov Don – Zvezda 1st match 2nd match 3rd match  4th match 5th match

Astrakhanochka – Kuban 1st match 2nd match 3rd match

Danish Cup

Viborg – FCM 1st 2nd or full

Danish League

FCM – Viborg 1st 2nd or full

TTH – FCM full

TTH – Viborg full

Skive – TTH full

NFH – Viborg full

Team Esbjerg – FCM full

Viborg – Randers full

TTH – FCM full

Randers – Viborg 1st 2nd or full

Odense – Randers 1st 2nd or full

TTH – Randers full

FCM – Soderjyske full

TTH – Odense full

Vejen – Viborg full

Viborg – FCM full

Viborg – Team Esbjerg full


FCM – Viborg 1st 2nd or 1st 2nd

Viborg – FCM 1st 2nd award 

French League

Mios – Le Havre highlights 

Besançon – Le Havre highlights

Hungarian League

Siofok – Gyori ETO highlights

Gyori ETO – Erd full

DVC – FTC full

FTC – DVC full

Gyori ETO – Erd full

Erd – FTC full

Siofok – FTC full

Erd – Gyori ETO full

Hungarian Cup


Gyori ETO – Siofok full


Gyori ETO – FTC full or full

Vszprem – Siofok full

German League

Leipzig – BUxtehuder full

Buxtehuder – Bayer Leverkusen full

Buxtehuder – Thuringer full

Spain Supercup

Bera Bera – Rocasa full or full or full


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