National and Regional Leagues 2012/2013

Danish League


TTH – FCM full or full

Danish Supercup

Randers – Viborg full or full

Hungarian League


Ferencváros – Veszprém full

Ferencváros – Dunaújváros full

Dunaújváros – Győr highlights

Békéscsaba – Ferencváros part1 part2

Siófok – FTC full

Vác – Ferencváros part1 part2

Dunaújváros – Vác full

Érd – Dunaújváros part1 part2

Fehérvár – Ferencváros part1 part2

Dunaújváros – BSE part1 part2

Ferencváros – Győr full or full

Russian Superleague

Kuban – Astrakhanochka 1st2nd

Lada – University Izhevsk full

Zvezda – Luch full or highlights

Astrakhanochka – Zvezda full

Lada – Astrakhanochka full

Dinamo – Astrakhanochka full

Zvezda – Kuban full

Kuban – Dinamo 1st

Lada – Zvezda full

Rostov-Don – Kuban full

Lada – Dinamo full

Kuban – Luch 1st 2nd

Zvezda – Rostov-Don full

Kuban – Lada full

Luch – AGU-Adyif 1st2nd

Zvezda – University Izhevsk full

Rostov-Don – Dinamo full

Astrakhanochka – Kuban 1st 2nd

Luch – Zvezda full

Rostov-Don – University Izhevsk full

Dinamo – AGU-Adyif full

Lada – Luch full

Zvezda – Astrakhanochka full

Dinamo – University Izhevsk full

Astrakhanochka – Lada 2nd

Dinamo – Zvezda full

Kuban – University Izhevsk full

Rostov-Don – Astrakhanochka full

Dinamo – Luch full

Kuban – Zvezda full

Dinamo – Kuban full

Zvezda – Lada full

Luch – University Izhevsk full

Zvezda – Dinamo full

Kuban – Rostov-Don full or 2nd

Lada – AGU-Adyif full

Astrakhanochka – Luch full

University Izhevsk – AGU-Adyif full

Luch – Kuban full

Astrakhanochka – University Izhevsk full

Dinamo – Rostov-Don full

Lada – Kuban 1st 2nd

Dinamo – Lada full


Astrakhanochka – Dinamo match1 match2 match3

Kuban – Lada match1 match2

Luch – Rostov-Don match1

Zvezda – University Izhevsk match2 match3


Dinamo – Zvezda match1 match2

Lada – Rostov-Don match1 match2 match3

Bronze medal match

Zvezda – Lada match1 match2


Dinamo – Rostov-Don match1 match2 match3

Russian Cup


Rostov-Don – Zvezda full

Bronze medal match

Dinamo – Lada full

French League

Besançon – Mios highlights

Le Havre – Metz highlights

Besançon – Dijon highlights

Metz – HBC Nîmes full

Fleury Loiret – Metz 1st

Mios – Nîmes highlights

Besançon – Le Havre highlights

Metz – Issy full


Besançon – Nice full


Mios – Fleury Loiret highlights

Fleury – Mios highlights

Issy Paris – Metz highlights


Fleury –Metz highlights

Metz – Fleury highlights

Coupe de la Ligue


Issy Paris – Dijon 1st 2nd


Fleury Loiret – Nîmes 1st 2nd

Issy Paris – Le Havre 1st 2nd

German Bundesliga


HC Leipzig – Bayer Leverkusen youtube

Buxtehuder SV – Frankfurter HC highlights

HSG Blomberg-Lippe – TuS Metzingen highlights

HSG Blomberg-Lippe – Thüringer HC highlights

Romanian League

Romanian Cup Final

Corona Brasov – HCM Baia Mare final minutes

Oltchim out



Copa S. M. la Reina


Guardès – Rocasa 1st 2nd or full

Bera Bera – Elche full or full


Bera Bera – Rocasa full


Full matches: Cup & Championship

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 (Zagorje defeats Krim) Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20


ZRK Vardar – ZRK Metalurg match1 match2

Norwegian League

Sola – Larvik 1st2nd


DHK ZORA Olomouc youtube


Buducnost – Podravka highlights or full

Vardar – Buducnost full

Zajecar – Vardar full

Vardar – Jagodina full

Vardar – Zajecar full

Vardar – Podravka full


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