National and Regional Leagues 2011/2012

Danish League

Viborg – FCM youtube

Viborg – Randers youtube

Randers – FCM youtube 1st

Randers – Team Esbjerg youtube

Team Tvis Holstebro – FCM youtube 1st 2nd

Viborg – Team Tvis Holstebro youtube

Aalborg – Viborg youtube

FCM – Viborg youtube

TTH – Viborg full or youtube

Team Esbjerg – Randers full or youtube

2012 Danish Cup final: Viborg – Team Esbjerg youtube

2011 Supercup : FCM – Viborg youtube


FCM – Viborg full youtube-2nd 2nd

Randers – Team Esbjerg full


Randers – FCM full or 2nd half 12

Viborg – TTH full

FCM – Randers 1st2nd

Hungarian League (and Cup)

Erd – FTC 1st 2nd

Gyor – Erd youtube highlights

Gyor – Veszprem youtube highlights

DVSC – Erd youtube

Erd – Bekescsaba youtube

FTC -Erd 1st 2nd

FTC – Gyor youtube highlights or 1st 2nd

Siofok – Gyor youtube highlights or youtube full

Erd – Gyor youtube

Gyor – DVSC youtube

Alcoa – DVSC youtube

Erd – Gyor youtube 2nd

DVSC – FTC youtube 1st2nd

FTC – Siofok 1st2nd


Gyor – Erd 1st2nd


Gyor – FTC 2nd

FTC – Gyor 1st2nd3rd or 1st2nd

Russian Superleague (+ Cup)

Lada – Adyif Maykop 1st 2nd

Lada – Kuban 1st 2nd

Lada – Zvezda youtube 1st 2nd or 1st 2nd

Rostov – Dinamo youtube

Kuban – Astrakhan 1st 2nd 3rd or youtube

Lada – Kirovchanka 1st 2nd

Lada – Luch youtube or full

Kuban – Lada youtube or full

Zvezda – Kuban youtube

Luch – Rostov Don full

Lada – University Izhevsk 1st 2nd

Zvezda – Kirovchanka youtube highlights and youtube full or full

Lada – Rostov Don youtube or 1st 2nd

Kuban – Dinamo full

Zvezda – Lada youtube or full

Zvezda – Dinamo youtube or full or highlights

Rostov Don – Zvezda highlights or youtube


Kuban – Lada full

Lada – Kuban 1st2nd


Lada – Dinamo 1st2nd

Rostov Don – Zvezda full

Zvezda – Rostov Don full

Bronze Lada – Zvezda

1st match 1st2nd

2nd match full

3rd match 1st2nd

Cup Final

Zvezda – Rostov Don full

Third place

Kuban – Lada full


Zvezda – Kuban 1st2nd

Rostov Don – Lada full

2011 – 2012 French League

Matches of Toulon dailymotion

Le Havre – Issy Paris youtube highlights

Nîmes – Le Havre dailymotion

Arvor 29 – Metz youtube

Issy Paris – Mios Biganos dailymotion

Cercle Dijon – Besançon dailymotion

Fleury Loiret – Mios Biganos dailymotion

Metz – Arvor 29 dailymotion

Cercle Dijon – Toulon dailymotion

Issy Paris – Metz dailymotion

Play-off and play-down

21 avril : ½ finale Play-off aller Arvor 29 – Metz full

22 avril: ½ finale Play-off aller Toulon – Issy Paris 1st2nd

27 avril: Play-down 20h30 Besançon – Nîmes full

29 avril : ½ finale Play-off retour 16h30 Issy Paris – Toulon St-Cyr full

Coupe de la Ligue

Mios – Arvor full



Lives & archive:

Leipzig – Leverkusen youtube

Leipzig – Oldenburg youtube

Buxtehuder – Vipers youtube

Thuringer – Buxtehuder youtube

Buxtehuder – HC Leipzig highlights

Buxtehuder – Frankfurter youtube

Vipers – Thuringer highlights

Thuringer – HC Leipzig highlights


highlights 1st leg

highlights 2nd leg


highlights 1st leg

Final (BSV – THC)

highlights 1st leg

highlights 2nd leg

Cup final

Oldenburg – Leverkusen full


Itxako – Sagunto viviritxako 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Bera Bera – Itxako youtube or viviritxako 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

Copa de S.M. la Reina


Itxako – Bera Bera 1st2nd or full


Bera Bera – Alcobendas 1st2nd or full

Itxako – Mar Alicante 1st2nd or full

2011 – 2012 Slovenia : Sezona 2011/12 – 1.A ZDRL

Youtube archive

2011 – 2012 Poland

Matches of Vistal Laczpol Gdynia highlights

2011 – 2012 Croatia (+ Cup)

youtube channel


DHK ZORA Olomouc full matches

Duslo Sala – Slavia Praha full

Duslo Sala – DHK Banik Most full

Duslo Sala – UDHK SG Nitra-Sered full

UDHK SG Nitra-Sered – Slavia Praha full

Duslo Sala – Iuventa Michalovce full


Duslo Sala – Iuventa Michalovce full

2011 – 2012 Norwegian League

Tertnes – Byasen youtube 1st 2nd

Tertnes – Larvik youtube 1st 2nd

Storhamar – Larvik 1st 2nd

Byasen – Larvik 1st2nd

Romanian League

Matches of Oltchim highlights

Cluj – Roman youtube 2nd

Otelul Galati – HC Zalau youtube final minutes

CSM Bucuresti – HC Zalau youtube final minutes

Oltchim – Roman youtube

Corona Brasov – Otelul Galati highlights

CSU Neptun Constanta – HC Zalau highlights

Serbian Cup


Zajecar – Jagodina clips

2011 – 2012 WRHL

Jagodina – Buducnost youtube highlights

Radnicki – Buducnost 1st 2nd


Buducnost – Zajecar youtube


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