Continental Championships

2014 European Women’s Handball Championship Hungary/Croatia


Spain – Norway dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Third place final

Montenegro – Sweden dld (Es)


Norway – Sweden dld (Es)

Montenegro – Spain dld (Es)

Group I

Norway – Hungary dld (Es)

Spain – Denmark dld (Es)

Hungary – Denmark dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Spain – Romania dld (Es)

Spain – Norway dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Poland – Norway dld (Hu)

Denmark – Poland dld (Hu)

Hungary – Romania dld (Hu)

Group II

Germany – France dld (Es)

Sweden – Slovakia dld (Hu)

Holland – Montenegro dld (Hu)

Germany – Montenegro dld (Hu)

Group A

Hungary – Russia dld (Hu)

Hungary – Spain dld (Es)

Russia – Poland dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Poland – Hungary dld (Es)

Russia – Spain dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Spain – Poland dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Group B

Norway – Romania dld (Hu)

Norway – Denmark dld (Hu)

Denmark – Ukraine dld (Hu)

Ukraine – Norway dld (Hu)

Group C

Croatia – Netherlands dld (Hu)

Germany – Croatia dld (Hu)

Group D

Serbia – France dld (Es) dld2 (Hu)

Montenegro – Serbia dld (Es)

France – Montenegro dld (Hu)

All matches on the EHF laola channel.

ECh 2014 Qualification

Group 1

Lithuania – Denmark full

Denmark – Austria full

Group 2

France – Slovakia full

Group 3

Czech Rep. – Montenegro full

Group 4

Spain – Turkey 1st 2nd or full

Holland – Spain 2nd or full

Spain – Holland 1st or full or full

Group 5

Sweden – Serbia full

Group 6

Norway – Belarus full

Norway – Romania full

Group 7

Macedonia – Russia full

Germany – Russia full

2012 European Women’s Handball Championship Serbia



Montenegro – Norway full (en) or 1st 2nd (sr) or full (sr) or 1st 2nd (ru) or 1st 2nd 3rd (no) or here (es) or rar (es) or full (hu)

Third place final

Hungary – Serbia full (en) or full (en) or full (hu) or full (hu)


Serbia – Montenegro full (en) or full (en) or 2nd (sr) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Norway – Hungary full (en) or 1st 2nd (no) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Fifth place match

Denmark – Russia full (en) or full (en)

Group I

Czech Republic – Denmark full (en) or rar (hu)

Norway – France full (en) or rar (hu) or 1st 2nd (no) or highlights

Serbia – Sweden full (en) or rar (hu)

Czech Republic – France full (en) or highlights

Norway – Sweden full (en) or 1st 2nd (no)

Serbia – Denmark full (en)

Czech Republic – Sweden full (en)

Serbia – France full (en) or highlights

Norway – Denmark full (en) or 1st 2nd (no)

Group II

Spain – Romania full (en) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Montenegro – Hungary full (en) or full (en)

Germany – Russia full (en) or full (en) or full (ru)

Spain – Russia full (en) or rar (hu) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Germany – Montenegro full (en)

Hungary – Romania full (en) or dld (hu)

Spain – Montenegro full (en) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Germany – Romania full (en)

Hungary – Russia full (en)

Group A

Ukraine – Czech Republic full (en)

Norway – Serbia full (en) or 1st 2nd (no)

Serbia – Ukraine full (en)

Czech Republic – Norway full (en) or 1st 2nd (no)

Norway – Ukraine full (en) or 1st 2nd (no)

Serbia – Czech Republic full (en)

Group B

France – FYR Macedonia full* or highlights

Sweden – Denmark full*

FYR Macedonia – Sweden full*

Denmark – France full* or full (da) or highlights

Sweden – France full* or highlights

Denmark – FYR Macedonia full* or full*


Group C

Germany – Spain full (en) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Croatia – Hungary full (en)

Hungary – Germany full (en) or dld (hu)

Spain – Croatia full (en) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Hungary – Spain full (en) or dld (hu) or here (es+registration) or here (es)

Croatia – Germany full (en)

Group D

Romania – Russia full (en)

Montenegro – Iceland full (en)

Iceland – Romania full (en)

Montenegro – Russia full (en)

Russia – Iceland full (en)

Romania – Montenegrofull (en)

2012 European Women’s Handball Championship qualification

Group 1

Germany – Belarus full

Hungary – Germany highlights or 1st-1 1st-2 1st-3 + 2nd-1 2nd-2 2nd-3 or dailymotion 1st 2nd or highlights

Germany – Hungary full or dailymotion 1st 2nd

Belarus – Germany youtube

Group 2

Serbia – Romania highlights

Serbia – Greece 1st 2nd 3rd

Romania – Serbia highlights other

Greece – Serbia full

Group 4

Russia – Poland 1st 2nd

Great Britain – Russia youtube

Montenegro – Russia youtube or full

Great Britain – Poland youtube 1st 2nd

Russia – Montenegro highlights or youtube highlights or full

Great Britain – Montenegro 2nd or dl or highlights

Poland – Russia full

Montenegro – Poland full

Russia – Great Britain full

Group 4

France – Lithuania best of

Group 5

Czech Republic – Sweden full

Czech Republic advance to the EHF EURO

Group 6

Croatia – Denmark dailymotion

Slovakia – Italy full

Group 7

Spain – Iceland youtube 1st 2nd

Iceland – Switzerland dailymotion 1st 2nd

Spain – Ukraine 1st 2nd

Iceland – Spain full

Ukraine – Iceland full

2010 European Women’s Handball Championship Denmark/Norway

All-star team



Norway – Sweden full or rar

Third place match

Romania – Denmark full


Sweden – Romania full

Denmark – Norway highlights or full

Group I

Spain – Croatia full

Spain – Russia full

Spain – Montenegro full

Denmark – Croatia highlights

Romania – Montenegro highlights

Denmark – Montenegro highlights

Group A

Spain – Romania full

Spain – Denmark full

Serbia – Spain full

Group B

Montenegro – Russia highlights

Iceland – Montenegro highlights

Croatia – Montenegro highlights

Group D

Hungary – France last minutes

2010 Asian Games


Macedonia 2008


Sweden 2006



Norway – Russia youtube or youtube2


Norway – France youtube

Hungary 2004


ECh 1998 Qualification

Yugoslavia – Russia full


Denmark 1996


Denmark – Norway clip


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