The Brits Got Their Humour From The Danes


The Ultimate Player, The Goalkeeper

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now.  This season, reputed teams have been in search and need for goalkeepers. Let’s have a look at what is out there today.

There is the fairy tale goalkeeper, the one you would not expect in “obscure” parts of Europe.

With Katrine Lunde in Gyor, the Hungarians are now part of “the good world” of women’s handball. More than ever, getting big names seems to be a piece of cake for them. I am sure Katrine’s arrival upped the ante. Krim had a similar try with Cecilie Leganger in older days.

Leganger and Haraldsen are the ones that push the team, being very vociferous and emotional. Cecilie‘s strong point is fast arm reaction, while her weak point would be transportation of the body from central to outer goal position for wing shots. Take a look at this

and tell me it has nothing to do with these two monsters:


On the contrary, Katrine is in total control of her goal space, with solid footwork.

Her reaction is not as explosive, but she is a great athlete.

Next, I will spoil you with the mother figure goalkeeper.

Inna Suslina is trusted not only for her skills, but also for the way in which she takes the pressure off her teammates, reminding them that “victory” is the word. This relationship is well reflected in the following video:

Karin Mortensen would be more of a mean mommy, but with good reasons to be so.  To prove the point, here are some images from the 2010 ECh, where she was the only constant player of the Danish team.

They remind my of one of my favourite queens:

The natural goalkeeper is the one that makes everything seem effortless.

Paula Ungureanu and Katalin Palinger use their arms and legs loosely. There is no tension in their movements. Look how Paula does it:

Katalin flexes her legs and arms, achieving more volume in her movements.

To summarize, technique, spirit and talent would be the magical 3.  Now, what about the heirs of these icons?

The followers of Lunde and Leganger in the technique department would be Cecilia Grubbström and Anna Sedoykina.

We see Mortensen- and Suslina- like spirit  in Clara Woltering and Sandra Toft.

Palinger and Ungureanu will leave their legacy to  Jelena Grubisic and Amandine Leynaud, who have shown great talent.