The Brits Got Their Humour From The Danes


Le Titre Retrouvé



Heidi Løke welcomes Tonje Larsen to the Veszprém Arena.


Anita Gőrbicz expressing herself.

The Balkan Division pulls “a Bojana” , Katrine Lunde plays along.

Anita Gőrbicz and Győr’s extended roster pose for posterity.

Bonjour, Happiness!

Training Diary: Part 1

Gyori ETO announced this week the start of preparations for the 2011-2012 season. Their new signings were present, while juniors will not be with the national team until after the U19 ECh, in August. The third goalkeeper of the team will be the young Szemerey Zsófi.


Oltchim Rm. Valcea started physical training two weeks ago without Ozel, Managarova and the reinforcements from Montenegro. They all received an extra week because of the schedule of the playoffs for Brasil. In the meantime, we got news of  Jovanovic and Knezovic arriving in Valcea. Between 13 and 22 July, training will continue by the seaside. There will not be much handball playing, as the emphasis will be on shape building.

Source: Arena Valceana

Top 5 Ladies Of ChL 2010/2011

What will they do next season? Who I expect will leave (->).

I will first mention some important figures that did not make the top.

Aurelia Bradeanu was a key player in her last year in Gyor, covering all back court positions.  At her side, Eduarda Amorim was cleverly used when a power shooter was needed. They were opposite types of attack players, Duda with a blunt shot, Aurelia with some spin in her wrist.

Olga Levina, better than words, better than Penezic, because she’s less of a queen and more of a bitch.

Camilla Dalby, the absolute right back, the first in years not painful to watch. No more of Jurack’s  heavy footwork, no more of Katarina ripping her own moves infinitely. It will be all about Dalby, Varlec (provided she’ll come back equally strong) and Sulland.

Soit and Larsen, not my personal favs this year, but getting on my nerves means they must have been good.

Most underestimated  players: Yeliz Ozel and Sanela Knezovic. Some 10+ mark to both of them for the unmeant fun style.


1. Valentina Ardean Elisei (Rou)

2. Emiliya Turey (Rus)

3. Orsolya Verten (Hun)

4. Polina Kuznetcova (Rus)

5. Henriette Mikkelsen (Den)


1. Bojana Popovic (Mne)

2. Alexandrina Cabral Barbosa (Por) ->

3. Andrea Penezic (Cro)

4. Tatiana Khmyrova (Rus)

5. Marija Jovanovic (Mne)


1.  Anita Görbicz (Hun)

2. Karolina Kudlacz (Pol) ->

3. Andrea Lekic (Srb) – in Gyor

4. Isabelle Gulldén (Swe) – in Viborg


1. Heidi Loke (Nor) – in Gyor

2. Ana Djokic (Mne)

3. Begona Fernandez (Esp)

4. Ionela Stanca (Rou) ->

5. Simona Spiridon (Aut) ->


1. Katarina Bulatovic (Mne)

2. Anna Kochetova (Rus)

3. Linn Jorum Sulland (Nor)

4. Barbara Varlec (Slo) – taking a break

5. Grit Jurack (Ger)


1. Jovanka Radicevic (Mne) – in Gyor

2. Nora Mork (Nor)

3. Carmen Martin Berenguer (Esp)

4. Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth (Nor)

5. Katarina Mravikova (Svk) – retiring


1. Cecilie Leganger (Nor)

2. Silvia Navarro (Esp)

3. Katalin Palinger (Hun)

4. Katrine Lunde Haraldsen (Nor)

5. Jelena Grubisic (Cro) ->