Video Ongoing

2015 Women’s World Championship – Denmark


Norway – Holland full full


Romania – Poland full full


Romania – Norway full full

Holland – Poland full full


Denmark – Russia full


Montenegro – France full


Russia – Poland full full

Denmark – Romania full full

Norway – Montenegro full

Holland – France full full


Norway – Germany full full

Russia – South Korea full full

Poland – Hungary full full

Spain – France full full

Denmark – Sweden full full

Romania – Brazil full full

2015 Women’s World Championship play-off


Romania – Serbia 1st 2nd

Czech Rep. – Netherlands 1st match 2nd match

Russia – Germany 1st match 2nd match

2015 Pre-Worlds Friendlies (& pre-season)

Slovakia – Japan full

Brazil – Norway highlights

France – Romania full

Preparation tournaments

Bucharest Trophy 2015

Corona Brasov – Vardar full

HCM Baia Mare – Rostov Don 1st 2nd

HCM Baia Mare – Corona Brasov 1st 2nd

Rostov Don – Vardar 1st 2nd

CSM Bucuresti – Buducnost 1st 2nd 

Youth Handball

Women’s European Championship U17 – Macedonia 2015


Women’s European Championship U19 – Spain 2015


Links – updated

Czech Republic – archive; lives

France – lives;

Germany – lives; recordings;

Hungary – lives;

Iceland – live; recordings;

Macedonia – recordings; lives;

Montenegro – recordings & news;

Netherlands – recordings & lives;

Norway – recordings; lives;

Russia – schedule; recordings;

Slovakia – recordings;

Sweden – lives&recordings; championship matches

Japanese handball channel

South Korean handball channel

Fan archives (very important)


Norway Gro Hammerseng Fan Forum

Hungary sport-video.hudeleted


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