Kristina’s unique roucoulette goal


Bojana Popović Penalties, 2006 Vs 2012

This is the penalty kick that in 2012, made a strong impression on handball fans and handball ignorants. It happened during the Champions League semifinal between Buducnost and Larvik.

Now, back in 2006, Macedonia’s legend, Indira Kastratovic played her retirement game. On that occasion, Popović scored against Luminita Hutupan-Dinu. The technique was brought to extremes, with some outrageous effect.

More footage from that game on the Kometal Sampion Facebook Page.

Once A Handball Player, Always A Handball Player

On Friday, fans and players rewound the history of Oltchim Valcea in a highly entertaining charity match.

Among the star players of the past were Mariana Tirca (winner of the Champions League in 1996, with Podravka), Edith Torok Matei (winner of four Champions League trophies with  Hypo Niederösterreich), Maria Torok Duca (one of the greatest talents in the history of the Romanian handball and winner of two IHF Cups with Valcea), Carmen Amariei (winner of two Champions League trophies with Slagelse),  Simona Gogarla (a six-time European Cup finalist), Luminita Hutupan Dinu (a three-time winner of the Champions League), Geta Andrunache, Cristina Rouă, Hilda Popescu, Victorina Bora, Lăcrămioara Lazăr, Mia Rădoi, Mihaela Ilie Berbecaru, Steluţa Luca, Adriana Călin, Rodica Pestrea, Narcisa Lecuşanu, Liliana Ţopea, Felicia Tipi and Elena Morariu. The list published by the press is not complete, as more than 20 former players were “at work” on that magical night.

From the less known profiles, I particularly liked Lacramioara Lazar, a pivot, who still has the physique and the rhythm for the game. Today, she is a gym teacher in Baia Mare.