Season Preview Interviews

The website does a series of interviews with key actors of the teams playing Champions League this season. Here are the juicy parts and the alternative translation:

Herbert Muller, coach of Thuringer HC:

I think we have a good squad as well for this year, but you don’t have to look only titles, but have to see the team development.

=>> It was plain luck we won the title last season, no one in the club expects us to actually win points in the group stage.

I think the team fits from it’s team spirit, but here at Schmelz the final piece was still missing to win one of the close matches. Shots that went in last year now didn’t go in. We have to work on that.

=>> This is not FTC, so don’t expect us to score from the 9m line.

Galina Gabisova, goalkeeper of Rostov Don:

In the previous season many things were not as they should have been. I played a little, so there was no relation between us (her and Suslina), but this season things will change.

=>> CL is the least of my worries. If I get to play 10 min every other match, that will be my trophy.

Simply, I decided in the last moment to stay at home. My parents had a little role in this decision, but I also wanted to stay and prove that in Rostov, I’m number 1.

=>> There’s a rumor Inna will retire soon.

Jana Krause, goalkeeper of Buxtehuder SV:

At the moment I`m very satisfied here and feel very good in the team, but I`m also very ambitious. I don`t know what will be after two years. Then I will be 26 years old, where the best years for goalkeepers begin. It could be interesting to make new experiences in a foreign country, but I haven`t thought about this yet.

=>> Englert, Woltering, I’m coming!

It is a dream to reach one of the CL groups with Buxtehude. I played two seasons with Nürnberg in the CL, and that was a greatly experience and feeling to play against the best teams and players in Europe and the world.

=>> I realize those days are gone now and Women’s Champions League is degrading. Let’s face it: we are only battling with Debrecen for the “worst team of CL award”.

Ana Djokic of Buducnost:

The most memorable match in the previous season was the match against Larvik, because in this match we fought for something that Buducnost has not experienced yet, and that is the entrance in the final of the Champions League.

=>> I am pretending that was not one of the biggest fiascoes in the history of the Balkan peninsula.

How do you see the future of Buducnost?  I see my team in the top of the Champions League.

=>> How do I see the future of our Future? Tricky question. I’ll do like Adzic and say something redundant.

Ambros Martin, coach of Itxako:

Finally we have shown that the same teams do not always have to rule Champions League.

=>> Swallow that, Voina!

For the two opponents that we already know I think that Oltchim has improved from last year and Hypo signed a lot of new players, all of them are very good players so we will see what will happen. (Note: they are playing Dinamo, not Hypo)

=>> I have no idea who our opponents are. I just hope we get to kick some Romanian a.. again.