Budapest Day 4 : Teams Overview

DSCN0819Nemzeti Sport interviewed Lekic who believes Buducnost to have the upper hand in this fight. On the same page, Katarina Bulatovic, Radmila Miljanic and Trine Ostergaard speak their mind: “there are no favourites”. Instead of asking the question “Who will win?”, another one comes to mind “Who is there?”. The best players in the world and just a couple of absences. What do they have something in common ? A lot …

Cristina Neagu played the EHF Champions League in 2010, but it has been a long dry spell since then for the Romanian star. On the other hand, the Montenegrins in the team jumped from pre-qualification phase to the e-European podium in just two years. As for Buducnost’s international recruits, Woltering and Cvijic, they became world-renowned only since playing leading roles in the ChL.

Since Euros in Denmark, FCM started from scratch with national team players. Do you remember that beautiful Danish team which conceded the bronze to Romania at Euros 2010. Many players from that team are in Budapest, Dalby, Jörgensen, Troelsen, Thorsgaard. And Laerke Möller … one of the most unlucky player of the past years, is here, healthy and ready.

Andrea Lekic went through good times and bad times in Gyor and only now is she the leader of a team, a role that she has always wanted to assume fully. And what about the French girls in Vardar? In 2011, after Worlds in Brazil, I was observing the French payers’ wish to know the meaning of true glory, also known as “The Champions League”. They have done it, Pineau, Leynaud, Dembele are in Budapest.

Gyor has changed direction since 2010, when they were, to no one’s surprise, defeated by Oltchim Valcea in the ChL semifinals. Since then, they have started paving their way to the crown of Europe with the help of two brilliant players, Katrine Lunde and Heidi Loke, who have taken this lumpy team to another level.

The year 2010 was the beginning of a new generation, entering the elite with the same ambitions as their predecessors. They have come a long way to reach four years later, today, the peak of their careers. Today, the world’s best handball players have gathered in Budapest and that is what makes this event too remarkable to ever be reproduced.



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