Another December

Yesterday’s match between Romania and Denmark proved there is a lot to look forward to this winter.

New faces on both sides of the court, glowing with youth and determination. Past queens making their comeback with dignity. Slowly but steadily, Romania is rebuilding the lost citadel of its dreams.


Valentina Ardean Elisei returns after a one-year absence. Fierce, right?


Don’t let appearances fool you. She’s actually a sweet and gentle girl.




The most talked about Romanian player, Cristina Neagu is but a step away from her old form and may leave deep footprints in Serbia.


Defence?  Easy! Paula Ungureanu giving Tadici the signal:  “got it covered, boss!”


Crina “What did I do?” Pintea will be glad to give a helping push.


Romania was leading without any fuss and Pytlick had had enough; “Damn, these Romanians are back in business”.


Tadici has discovered this oasis of players called Corona Brasov, not far from Dracula’s castle. They can jump and are, as you can surely imagine, thirsty for glory.


But hey, we grant you this victory. For the joy and smile of little miss Hansen.

Til December,

Yours ever handball-loving country,



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