Kristina Liscevic In Translation

Le Républicain Lorrain reports on Kristina’s arrival in Metz. One of the most interesting and beautiful faces in handball talks about:

her  contract: “It was very important for me to understand every point in the contract. Thus it was reassuring to have Svetlena’s (Ognjenovic) help.”

her new … skirt : “It must be fun to play in skirts. I knew Metz had an original outfit. Everyone talks about it: the media, the internet.”

her motivation: “In Skopje, I was offered more money to stay, but the ChL adventure is very exciting. I am flattered the management thought of me to replace Allison Pineau.  She’s one of the best in the world. But THE best playmaker is Andrea Lekic. Lekic is God!”

her expectation: “Meet Lekic and Gyor in ChL!”

her challenge: «I will play next to world-class players such as Ekaterina Andryushina or Amandine Leynaud.  I expect this adventure to be a springboard.»

her duty: “Shoot penalties, sustain the collective play, put on muscle, because I’m not very thick. I have a 6-month contract. Let’s hope that in June, you won’t afford to let me go!”

Good luck!