Choose The Image Of The Championship!

The best official picture of the championship could be that of an important player, of a joyful moment, of the winner, of an individual skill or of a team effort. Make your choice!

1. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. You can almost feel the ball in your hands. Nechita going for the shot while the pivot still has her hand in the air: all the tension of the moment in this picture.

2. Foto: Idário Café / Photo&Grafia. Linnea looks colossal in this, especially because of the Uruguayan girl’s efforts to stop her.

3. Foto: Cinara Piccolo / Photo&Grafia. Beautiful arch.

4. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. Alexandra’s position here impresses me. It’s something I would like to get from pivots, who usually have very unaesthetic moves (strong and spectacular, but unaesthetic). This has it all!

5. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. The goalkeeper’s position, the defending wall, the player shooting … all in an empty hall. Poetic!

6. Foto: Ricardo Bufolin / Photo&Grafia. Just another David and Goliath picture.

7. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. This is a story of hands and arms. Count them if you can!

8. Foto: Ricardo Bufolin / Photo&Grafia. The ugliness of a foul can give a beautiful, intense, picture.

9. Foto: Cinara Piccolo / Photo&Grafia. My choice. Because she’s in the moment of maximum disequilibrium and I’m dying to find out what happened next. Plus, she looks like one of those discus throwers from Antiquity.

10. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. One clear penalty. But of course, it’s her hand sticking to Kristina’s t-shirt that does the trick for the picture.

11. Foto: Cinara Piccolo / Photo&Grafia. This is the agony and the extasy. The tattoo screams victory.

12. Foto: Cinara Piccolo / Photo&Grafia. This is nice because of all the foreground – background thing. It kind of maps the joy in an interesting way.

13. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. This shows a great parallelism between the court and the bench.

14. Foto: Ricardo Bufolin / Photo&Grafia. Ann Grete makes this beautiful, her expression wrinkles, her fists, everything is on the edge. It could be about sadness or happiness.

15. Foto: Gabriel Inamine / Photo&Grafia. This is a great portrait if we think about the character. But even if we don’t, there’s a nice sense of proportion to it.


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