A Word On

GF World Cup 

There was almost no surprise in Russia, Norway and France taking the podium in Denmark. The triplet will divide and conquer again, in Brazil.

Days after Romania’s performance, the sensitive side took over. So, I am thinking: let Amariei and Bradeanu finish the winning streak started in 1999, at another World Championship! This in no one else’s job. And stop complaining about coaching and selection making! It is the end of a magnificent chapter in our handball history, but another one, full of surprises and expectations, is about to begin. Let it be written anew, not based on mourning and insult!

Two teams caught  my attention in different ways: Germany and Denmark.

Germany does not inspire much in terms of individuals. However, the thought of a team trying to redeem itself makes it appealing. Germany has so many available players that it is impossible to decide on a player the team depends on the most. Not even Grit Jurack is indispensable. This reflects the balanced level of their internal league. Whereas Danes will talk of talent, Germans will talk of efficiency. It does not give the audience the most spectacular handball, but it creates excitement and uncertainty in regard to the final standing of a major competition.

Decimated by injuries, Denmark does not look as strong as it did last year. Their girls are mentally weak and will let go when it is the least expected. With two playmakers out, Berit Kristiansen and Laerke Møller, pivot action is lacking, as the opponents focus on Dalby, Jørgensen, Skov or Troelsen. Troelsen is not a complete shooter as she is, let alone under careful supervision. And so, a lot of responsibility falls on Rikke Skov, who is more of a team player than someone who can turn around matches. It is worrying to see that a team with such a fountain of talented young players cannot enter the arena of the grands yet.

Champions league: Day 1

We have three disputed groups:  Oltchim-Dimano-Itxako, Gyor-Metz-Randers and Viborg-Larvik-Krim are pretty decent fights of which we hardly known the winner in advance. The weakest link remaining, for Main Round, would be second place in Group A. FCM? With Laerke Møller? Maybe the ideal exception. While we are at it, I place my bets on Herbert Müller.

Next week will bring some answers to the questions we have asked until now:

1. Is the motivation really lacking in Oltchim?

2. Has anything changed in Dinamo since last year? Can they be exciting main-rounders instead of a laughing stock?

3. What is the power of Metz against a strong team? can Randers dream of making a sensation this season?

4. How decisive can Gyor’s lack of depth become?

5. Is one of the most interesting battles in Champions League, Krim-VHK, back in fashion?  


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