Mihaela Ignat

Mihaela (35y)  played at the 1999 WC, the 2000 OG and the 2000 ECh. At Euro, in Romania, she topped the assists ranking with 42 (trivia: Neagu had 36 in 2010).  At that point, she was perceived as an element of stability in this new Romanian NT and as a leader of a magnificent generation.

She was playmaker of HC Zalau and Tomis Constanta. In 2001, she became national champion with Zalau. Another of Tadici’s bets was about to surprise us, as the thread broke somewhere between international glory and success at club level.

She stated here that offers came from Hypo and two Danish clubs at that time. However, she chose to focus on her private life alongside Ieremia Paraianu, also a NT handball player, instead of pursuing an international career. In 2003, she transfered to Tomis Constanta where she put an end to her player career, taking over a trainer position in 2011.

Ignat in 2000, Prosport

In retrospective:

Cristina Varzaru

Alina Dobrin


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