Team Romania – GF World Cup 2011

Mediafax informed us today on the team Radu Voina will start preparation with:

GK: Talida Tolnai (Oltchim), Tereza Pîslaru (RK Zajekar), Denisa Dedu (Corona Braşov)

Wings: Valentina Ardean-Elisei (Oltchim), Iulia Curea (Oltchim), Ramona Farcău (Oltchim), (Oltchim) Ada Nechita (Oltchim), Magdalena Paraschiv (Jolidon Cluj)

Pivots: Oana Manea (Oltchim), Ionela Stanca (Oltchim), Florina Chintoan (Jolidon Cluj)

Back court: Adina Fiera (Oltchim), Carmen Cartaş (CSM Cetate Deva), Aurelia Brădeanu (Oltchim), Oana Chirilă (Oltchim), Mihaela Tivadar (Jolidon Cluj), Roxana Han (Oltchim), Carmen Amariei (Terom Iaşi), Melinda Geiger (Oltchim), Patricia Vizitiu (Oltchim), Amelia Busuioceanu (HCM Roman)

For comparison, here is the squad (final 17) he chose for Romania’s last friendly meet in May. The match was against Serbia. The outcome: one win, one loss.

GK: Talida Tolnai , Tereza Pâslaru

Wings: Iulia Curea, Nicoleta Dincă (Jolidon Cluj), Ramona Farcău, Ada Nechita, Magda Paraschiv

Pivots: Oana Manea, Florina Chintoan

Back court: Patricia Vizitiu, Melinda Geiger, Adina Meiroşu, Mihaela Tivadar, Ada Moldovan (Dunarea Braila), Eliza Buceschi (HCM Baia Mare), Andreea Luciana Marin (HCM Roman), Oana Alexandra Gogoriţă (SCM Craiova)

Let’s reason here!

GK: Paslaru made a statement lately in Zajecar, delivering in preparation games. The CL qualification tournament against Viborg, Rostov and Cluj can only raise her condition. Denisa Dedu (7th place at U17 Euro and 6th place at U19 Euro) will be very happy to train with the senior NT and deservedly so.  Voina is finally reconsidering his Mihaela Smedescu.

Wings:  Nicoleta Dinca was used against Serbia, while Elisei was taking a break. Iulia Curea must have “won” the competition on left wing. No chance for the currently injured Camelia Balint. On right wing, the ever lasting Farcau-Nechita-Paraschiv triplet. Depending on their health (read: Farcau’s), their lucidity (read: Nechita’s) and their mental strength (read: Paraschiv’s), two will be chosen. I place my bets on a “Nechita – Farcau” reasoning from Voina.

Pivots: As with Serbia, Stanca is called for the first preparation phase. Everyone acknowledged her retirement after Euro 2010, but Romanians are famous for their change of minds. I saw Chintoan at the Supercup, in August, and thought “What a player!”.  If she gets a fair chance, she will surprise with technique and strength.

Back court:

The defence stays the same with Bradeanu, Meirosu and Tivadar, with the addition of Carmen Amariei.

The impressive 30y  old Amelia Busuioceanu (PM) gets her much deserved invitation, just because Ada Moldovan is pregnant. As Voina “works” with only one playmaker, it will be either her or Gatzel-Han.

Why would he bring Geiger, Vizitiu and Soit to NT trainings? This is a waste of effort, putting the players he evaluates daily through the selection process. Unless he plans to bring 3 lefties to Denmark … What a laugh that will be!

Youngsters Buceschi, Gogorita and Marin were left out this time in favor of the slightly older Carmen Cartas (top scorer of the Romanian League) and in that of the experienced Carmen Amariei. This is understandable. One real left back that should not have been left out is Cristina Zamfir of Corona Brasov, Cristina Neagu’s generation team mate. The “Right back dilemma” prevents her from making the team whilst she is on the verge of becoming a top shooter of the Romanian League.

Next: could he have done more?


2 thoughts on “Team Romania – GF World Cup 2011

  1. mircea September 17, 2011 / 17:11

    to find a reasoning in voinea’s selection its kind of hard,i like to disagree with you on right wing players,i would bet farcau-paraschiv all day, my argument is paraschiv got her best seasons last 2 years plus she’s been playing constantly @cluj compared with other 2 from valcea,on the back court would be interesting to see a last for holhos (u jolidon)if she’s having a good champion league qualifier.i mean voinea knows who she is,he mention something about her after supercup games and in my opinion her level of play its way over cartas or ada moldovan,and she can be a playmaker also…in rest i think also he should try 2 give a chance to other youngsters from brasov,zalau and lets not forget about one ofthe best defender vali bese ????what happen with her?

  2. ladiesofhandball September 18, 2011 / 12:53

    Dear Mircea,

    I appreciate your comment and interest in the NT.

    I agree on Holhos and I would add Babeanu, but there is no question about a drastic change in the way he builds his team right now. He said it would be after the olympics that he will seriously take into consideration new players.

    Nechita was seen by the supporters as a kind of savior at the Europeans. Voina is very much into general trends, a person very easy to impress or influence. The general perception was: Paraschiv did not show much in Denmark, whereas Nechita was a crucial player in the last game (the one that mattered). I, for one, think Paraschiv is a more viable solution, of course. Also, as I understood from his RB selection, all 3 from Valcea, he is way too focused on this symbiosis between Oltchim and the NT. Such unhealthy thinking could lead to a Maier-Nechita tandem.

    Moreover, Voina is highly disturbed right now, throwing accusations and insults at everyone, players or supporters. This is a Voina I hadn’t seen before.


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