Website Review: Metalurg Skopje

I had a nice surprise the other day when I was looking for information on Metkovic Cup. The champion of Macedonia, Metalurg Skopje, has one of the best websites of the Balkan handball powerhouses.

Graphic design is eye friendly and clean. The translator button is a nice touch, but it works only partially. If you browse the galleries, you’ll notice the outstanding quality of the pictures, all taken with aesthetic sense. Therefore, the very large news display on the front page does not bother me at all,  as they have good reasons to show off.

This is a joint website of both the Women’s and the Men’s team. If you click on the picture of a team member, you will get a gallery containing all the photos of that specific player. This, I hadn’t seen before.

– “Latest scores”, “next match”

+ Facebook page, news updates

In the meantime

Buducnost is upgrading its website, but nothing noteworthy.

Gyor published the new official picture of the team and a “behind the scenes”  from the photo session.


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