Training Diary: Eyes On Metz

I have had mixed feelings about Metz in the past. I recall their Serbian coach from two seasons ago who spoke French with a disgusting accent and was more explosive than his weight allowed him to be. I felt sorry for them not reaching the ChL last year, when they had the Croatians Franic and Horvat. The transfers payed off and here they are, in the Group Stage again, with other interesting back players.

Marion Limal and Yekaterina Andryushina joined Metz, the latter with a question mark on her physical shape. Well, last week Andryushina performed in Hungary, in a preparation tournament against Debrecen, Erd and Podravka. The team placed 3rd, but Katia did not play in the placement match, which tells us how fragile her condition still is.

Erdi VSE’s page features several galleries from the meet. Here are Amandine, Nina and Svetlana catching up with Lidija who came with her new (and old) club Podravka.

Coach Sébastien Gardillou declared in Le Républicain Lorrain: “In Budapest, we will be in a scouting phase. Then, in Germany, at the Ladies Cup, we will put into practice. We will work on replays of the matches. I would like to experiment the game with two pivots that I’ve been considering for some time. Yvette Broch and Nina Kanto could be our weapons.”

Talking about the charismatic line player Nina Kanto, her thoughts on Katia Andryushina were:  “I have so much to learn from her. I am lucky to speak English so that I can communicate with my new teammates. I offered Katia a book before leaving for Budapest, Russian for Dummies, and some dictionaries so that she can translate Russian to us using simple French  phrases. She made progress during the summer break, I’m proud of her.”


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