Training Diary: Goalkeepers

Amandine Leynaud of Metz works on her balance in a preparation session with the national team. Speaking of Metz, I believe they have the chance of their lives to pass the group stage this year. Hypo will not be there in time and you never know how consistent Randers will be throughout group stage.  Amandine could well be the one working the magic for the team.   HandTV

Here is Silvia Navarro training without her counterpart, Montenegrin Milijana Milenkovic, who hasn’t arrived in Estella yet. Having a trainer who works exclusively with the goalkeepers is something normal for Itxako, as for Larvik, Gyor, Buducnost.

Oltchim’s goalkeepers, Sanela Knezovic and Talida Tolnai are working out under Frak Khun’s supervision. Frank  runs the physical preparation of the team. Glad to see he is making himself useful, while Voina starts trainings with the ball.


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