Training Diary: Part 5

According to Vijesti, Buducnost resumed training in their Morača hall last week. Having read the sport section of Vijesti for a long time now, I can say that, despite its nationalistic tone, it provides pertinent and documented information in a professional way. It is nothing like our Prosport almost-tabloid.

To the list of new players of Buducnost, we can add Ivana Bozovic, formerly on loan to Biseri Pljevlja, and the young left wing Marija Kopitović, probably another “pearl” they count on for the future of the NT. Ivana is one of the best of her generation, that is the generation of Milena Knezevic, Majda Mehmedovic, Suzana Lazovic and Jelena Markovic. She was on the U19 team for the EC in Hungary where Montenegro put on a good performance. What followed was WC bronze last summer, without Bozovic, injured at that time.

Suzana Lazovic has back problems, whereas Jelena Markovic  can’t train because of knee injury. Both resulted in surgery. Jelena will heal by the end of October. In Suzana’s case, it is uncertain whether she will be able to recover in time for the WC in Brasil.

The team will train in Morača until the end of the week. They will continue preparations for 12 days in Rožaje(?) and later head to Hungary for one of the Szabella tournaments.

Arena features a picture of the team.


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