Power In Their Hair

Handball players seem forever consecrated to their athletic equipment. In terms of personal choices, they have to stick to shoes and … hairstyle. This is the absolute girly post, so stop reading now if you have never experienced hair attachement problems before.

I remember having read an interview with Cristina Neagu’s first coach who conveyed that little girls playing handball wanted to copy Cristina’s hairstyle. A ponytail is not much of a style some would say, but it looks like children know better. This is something to be looked into ;).

Reading through the old goldies topics in the handball123 forum, I came across one user’s note on Bojana’s hair color change (was it in her Slagelse period?). General opinion was that the dark haired Bojana was  more mature than the formerly spoiled blonde girl.

Furthermore, there was much fuss in Romanian fora during the last ECh about the Danish team and its Barbie girls with fluttering straight hair. When I saw a picture of a plain Laerke at the 2009 WCh , I understood why her 2010 look caused such a stir.

My hair vocabulary is limited, so pictures will hopefully speak for themselves.

Braids department

Maura Visser is inch perfect. Funny enough, we get the opposite from Bulath in the background. pic: ehf-euro

Hair goes with the face, doesn’t it? It reminds me of the Ikast episode. pic: ehf-euro

Poland’s Kinga Byzdra looked as if she was going for a walk in the park the day of her WCh playoff against Denmark. She pulled it off just fine on court though. pic: balonfemme, screen cap.

Now, the situation would have been a lot messier were it not for Mara’s secured hair. pic: alesfevzer.com

The sloppy chignon

This is one of my favorites. I do it almost everyday at work because it’s time-effective and classy (paradox of our days, a sloppy hairdo is translated as classy). Handballers keep it real and take it for what it is, a quick way to get by.

Sandra Zacsik is the sweetheart of the game. She makes it look simple and clean. As in Neagu’s case, I suspect little girls in Hungary are copying her too. pic: handball.hu

You could say the chignon made this girl’s career. She transforms into another person when she is off court by displaying some fairy hair. Pic: hfoto.dk

Jovanka’s much debated teammate is one of a kind in the chignon department. Trust me when I say it takes some work to achieve that kind of volume. And when you see this, you should agree that there is some truth in this “power in the hair” story. pic: handballphotos.hu

Finally, I will include Oltchim’s new girl, Ekaterina Vetkova who takes the style to its apex and to … Valcea :D.  pic: ehf-euro

Ok, just one more and I’m done. Clearly a winner…

The pixie cut a.k.a. goalkeepers’ fav

Inna Suslina’s hair is a trademark. As her jump of joy… As her miraculous penalty saves… As everything about her. I choose an older picture for obvious Poltoratskaya related reasons. pic: getty

Buducnost fans will not be very happy with this, but the girl does have crazy hair worthy of being illustrated here. Serbia’s Dijana Stevin. pic: ehf-euro

In 2007, she was the little ugly duckling of the Romanian team nurtured by the big ugly Tadici. Now, she is another story mainly due to the hair change.  pic: Prosport

Lately, our dear Paula interpreted the pixie cut in a neat way and made us love her even more. pic: sport365.ro

The ponytail

Troelsen and Moeller come from the “Gorbicz school of show and hair”. They rock this style and will end by owning it. pic: ehf-euro

Varzi’s ponytail was by default until the ECh, when it attracted some attention. Danes were on guard unfortunatelly. pic: sporten.dk

Fact: great handballers have well defined hairstyles. Picture has spoken. Cristina is the master of hair clips, no one near her :D. pic: ehf-euro

Begona, an epiphany in women’s handball hair world. Who would mess with her? She is the female version of Sébastien Chabal.  pic:ehf-euro

Do you have someone else in mind?


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