Website Review Part 3: ZRK Buducnost

Graphic is classsy. News flashes right away; you see the next game is, as well as recent results, without having to click on anything. Then, the problems begin. They had the good idea of inserting CL statistics in players’ list, but did not care to update it.

The Multimedia section is in fact a Pictures section. You get a Flash Player presentation of God knows what game, it doesn’t say. In the lower left corner, there is this tiny icon that takes you to the gallery. I think the initial plan was to put the most recent games on top, but they got confused along the way. The only 2010/2011 match gallery is on the last page. It is their first game in Moraca against Dinamo. Fine! And the sequal? It was equally thrilling! Where is the triumph against Viborg, where is the atmosphere by the spectators against Krim (once in a handball lifetime moment) and where is the celebration after the qualification in front of Oltchim? Future generations will wonder.

What is great though, is the Maja Bulatovic album on the first page. There are pictures from her good bye game (those are always worth seeing), pictures of another era of Buducnost, pictures of young Maja Savic and Bojana Popovic. It is touching!

Articles are up to date, but the pictures that go with them are of no use. You can’t see anything, because they are not in full size. This is annoying when you see the big empty space around them. Further on the page, they give the ehftv link (Oltchim! Take notice!) and the link (priceless, if you want to understand what Buducnost is all about).


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