Website Review Part 2: Győri ETO And Itxako

This one, is less about esthetics and more (much more) about information. News is not only up to date, but they are very documented. There is no need to search for it somewhere else, like on They always have interviews after any event, be it winning a trophee or signing a new player. They allow comments. I always enjoy reading this part because it gives me an ideea of how the club is perceived by the spectators. Their photo gallery is complete, but difficult to scroll through, you have to do it page by page. In the end, you’ll get used to it. They have pictures of all outside-the-court activities, like Team Buildings or parties. We first found out about those from Cristina Varzaru, remember? There is not much left to say, only that its simplicity breaths quality.

And now, the best of the best. Itxako has the merit of having discovered Youtube and Facebook and that is what sets them apart from Gyor. Also, the appearence is more playful, but that’s a matter of “Who needs it?”. They have huge photo galleries on Facebook, which is the magic solution to easy browsing!


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