A Word About ORV

Clara’s and Tereza’s fans should be happy. As far as Luca and Bese are concerned, there is no tragedy. Keeping 2 players for defence purposes only is a luxury that no team in the world should have. I prefer giving away several goals if it means we get to train our youngsters’ defence skills.

Now, there was nothing spectacular in Oltchim’s reformation. The players leaving are those that they wouldn’t have used anyway. The players coming to Valcea … that is an intriguing story.

Sanela Knezovic is brought to fill in for Paula Ungureanu. So, Tereza Tamas and Mihaela Smedescu (NT goalie) were not suitable. Logic says they are going to exit the NT circle for good. Voina says otherwise, he took Smedescu on the NT when she wasn’t even playing in ORV; he will hardly reconsider. It is for her very own good to be number one  in any team of the league. Sanela was a bright choice and, probably, the only player who accepted the offer. Oltchim was after Grubisic and may have dreamed about Sedoykina/Sidorova for a moment.

Aurelia Bradeanu is a complete player with tons of experience. Romanians have an emotional attachment to a player that brought them so many great moments of handball with the NT. They also respect her work in Gyor. Her coming was natural.

Now, Soit, she will kick one RB out of the Valcea team, hence out of the NT. Voina will now have the perfect excuse for not putting Vizitiu out there, she will not have enough playing time. Sabotage. Linking this to the Neagu story, it seems a given that we are in for another scandal next year, followed by a break-up, followed by an international signing, followed by Voina’s bitter words.


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