Best Of 2010/2011

Best player: Heidi Loke

There isn’t any doubt about that. She was also the most redoubtable player, the name on  everyone’s lips.

Most improved player: Jovanka Radicevic

She has become one of the pillars of Buducnost, listed along with Bulatovic and Popovic as the best players of the team. On her NT, she is wing, pivot and leader. Cristina Neagu would have been a candidate provided she had kept her ECh level in ChL.

Best newcomer: Carmen Martin

A very efficient player that big teams will look for next seasons. Other names: Nora Mork, Maja Zrnec, Isabelle Gullden, Nerea Pena.

Best veteran: Tonje Larsen

Valentina Ardean Elisei was crucial for ORV and the NT. Bojana Popovic, of course.  Aurelia Bradeanu – fine in Gyor, but not so helpful to the NT.

Best ECh performance: Cristina Neagu

Best ChL performance: Cecilie Leganger

Best transfer: Bojana Popovic

Surprise player of the year: Laerke Moeller

Because she is as exciting to watch as Lekic or Gorbicz. And, Europe lacks this kind of playmakers. The entire Danish team is full of surprises, Dalby, Throsgaard, Kvisgaard are very nice handballers.

Surprise team of the year: Sweden

Itxako had made the impressive transfers, so it was expected for them to do well. But Sweden… no one saw them coming.

Best match by a NT: Montenegro against Denmark (ECh)

It was surreal. The Montenegrins were all very tired, really worn out, but still, they gave it everything. That was the essence of what a final tournament should look like. Another great game was Romania’s bronze final, the outcome let us in tears of joy and made us forget about the low quality of the attack.

Best match by a club team: Gyor against Larvik (ChL)

Team of the year: Norway NT

Because  there was no challenge out there for them. If they win the WCh , they will become one of the best squads of all times. Other teams: Denmark, Itxako, Buducnost, Larvik.

Best coach: Thorir Hergeirsson

Martin Ambros, Jan Pytlick accomplished really difficult tasks also.

Dream team of the season:

Ann Grete Norgaard (EHF cup final, best LW scorer and best Danish scorer at the ECh)

Emilia Turey is out there but didn’t get a chance at the ECh. Elisei is close too. 

Bojana Popovic (3rd scorer of ChL and ECh, ChL semifinal)

Neagu, the clear contender, but… long time, no see. Barbosa no NT, Torstenson EHF cup winner and MVP of the ECh. Penezic VIP of her NT and of Krim.

Andrea Lekic (7th scorer of ChL, best Serbian scorer at the ECh)

Laerke on second place and Gorbe will be the one taking it next year.

Camilla Dalby (best scorer of Randers in ChL and 2nd best Danish scorer at the ECh)

Kochetova is always no 1 in Dinamo, but a mess on the NT. Bulatovic, no NT. This is a poor category.

Jovanka Radicevic (best RW scorer in ChL and ECh)

She did fantastic in both competitions and no one can touch her at the moment.

Heidi Loke (best scorer ChL, best pivot at the ECh)

Stanca would easily be above her, were it not for the injury. Spiridon and Djokic, fantastic in ChL, but no NT.

Katrine Lunde Haraldsen (best GK at the ECh, ChL semifinal)

Nothing to add.


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