Website Review Part 1: ORV

Aside from the in-joke staring you in the face “The first professional handball club in Romania”, girls’ pictures smiling are just perfect. On the left, you have Elisei’s jump, which could without a doubt make the frontcover of Oltchim’s history.

To get this out of the way, I quickly check the Facebook link (working), the Search gadget  (I type Yeliz Ozel, but the first thing I get is not the news on her contract prolongation, so, clearly, not working!), the translation option (in Google translation, ouch!). Regarding the translation, if your browser is Google Chrome, you activate/install Google translation, and it will ask for your permission to translate foreign pages into any language you want, without altering the graphics!!!

Then, you have News, Results, Pictures and Video which seems ideal… sauf que. The latter 2, are a complete mess. The pictures are sorted into categories by year. I do not understand why the 2006/2007 CWC celebration gets only one picture… you would be better without, because it is one bad picture. If they really wanted to sell their background, they should have asked jurnalists for photos. This way, otherwise forever forgotten snapshots from let’s say May’s 2007 Prosport, would become accessible.

To access all videos, you have to click on Arhiva Stiri in the menu. You get a list of this year’s matches in CL, which are also available on ehftv, so no point really! There is also some important news, which is a great idea, but instead of the matches in CL, who wouldn’t prefer seeing ALL news on tv in one place? It can be hard to hunt for handball videos on Romanian tv websites, especially for a non-native speaker.

All in all, it is a good remake, provided it will not become a relic.


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