Radu Voina’s Obsession

TO1 “If Bojana is not on court, 6:0 defence!”

TO2 “One step forward on Bojana! The match is ending and we still haven’t understood this: one step forward on Bojana!”

TO3 “… there is little time left, we are down by 7 goals. In defence, focus on Bojana! Come on!”

TO4 “…they are 5, there is no pivot, so we defend 2 on 1! There’s Grit and Bojana who covers her! 2 on 1!”

TO5 “Girls, there is nothing left we can do. Ramo, on Bojana!  Cristina, you take the center! The rest of you play 4 to 4!”

TO6 “Very well Cristina! Careful when she’s on the opposite side!” (She = Bojana)

TO7 “So, continue with what you are doing! Keep Bojana from touching the ball!”


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