La Grande Dame: Alina Dobrin

CSM Rapid finished third in the Romanian League. Today, I am celebrating their leading lady, Alina Dobrin. Any wings-addicted person like me, surely remembers the 1999 WC perfect LW-RW couple, Dobrin-Varzaru.

Here she is, winning against the silver medallist, U. Jolidon Cluj. She scores at 00:09, assists Avadanii at 00:25, scores again on second phase counter at 00: 50 and from central position at 01:09.

Celebration and coach’s words:

A united team that we started forging 5 years ago. But what no other team has and we do, is a leader and a coach on the court,  Alina Dobrin.

She was part of the 1994/1995 junior team. These girls were all going to be part of the senior NT at some point. They won gold at the 1995 Junior WC,  beating Denmark in the final. Some unforgetable names: Ildiko Kerekes, Cristina Mihai, Narcisa Lecusanu, Simona Gogarla, Carmen Nitescu, Carmen Amariei…

On senior level, she played at the 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003 WC, at the 1998 and 2002 EC and at the 2000 OG.  She has 154 games and 418 goals for the NT.

She spent all her career in Rapid, took a break, and this year, she started playing for the newly promoted CSM Bucuresti.

With Rapid, she won the EHF Challenge Cup (EHF City Cup at that time) in 1999/2000, defeating Randers in the final. Other members of the team: Cristina Dogaru, Cristina Mihai, Nicoleta Gasca (just the names that would sound familiar to the youngest acro). Very interesting thing: the cup still is in Rapid’s showcase because the EHF had to produce a new one the next season, for the reinvented competition.

Rapid with Alina Dobrin, but also Cristina Varzaru and Aurelia Bradeanu, on board becomes national champion in 2002/2003.


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